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    • Magnetic Grates

      Remove medium and small-size ferrous tramp metal from dry, granular free-flowing product streams in gravity-fed systems. more > > >

    • Magnetic Pulley's

      Metal separators provide a continuous, 24/7 automatic removal of tramp iron from the material's flow. more > > >

    • Electro Magnetic Separators

      Suspended electromagetic separators specifically designed to produce the most effective magnetic force available. more > > >

    • Lifting Magnets

      Provide a quick and efficient means to lift ferrous materials, such as steel plates, forgings and die castings. more > > >

    • Magnetic Brooms

      Ideal for picking up nails and steel debris. Great for roofers, machine shops, loading docks, assembly plants and anywhere you want to collect and remove steel. more > > >

    • Fork Pocket Suspended Magnetic Sweeper

      Mounts to any forktruck and removes unwanted steel debris from your service area. Reduce flat tires Save money spent on repairs Reduce down time of service vehicles more > > >