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About Us

Thompson Magnetics, Inc.
Hard Working Industrial Magnets

We started Thompson Magnetics, Inc. in 1993 with one goal in mind… “to build a durable, superior product and raise the bar for the industry”. Before we started the business, Jack moonlighted for a company that manufactured magnetic products. He quickly realized that there were improvements that could be made to the products. So, we decided to start Thompson Magnetics and provide our customers with quality products at a reasonable price. We started improvements to our products by welding parts whenever possible instead of fasteners and glues.  We purchased heavier steel for the housings, and quality attachments for extra sturdiness. We consulted engineers that explained the difference in magnetic circuits, and how they should be used for different applications. These improvements gave us the confidence to compare our product to any manufacturer and let the customer decide which product carries more value.

We don’t claim to be the first company to build magnetic sweepers, brooms and what have you. But we do claim that our product is built for long lasting durability, and we guarantee good service, quick delivery, and quality product. This is why we’re here today and here to stay. Thank you for reading “About Us”.

– Robert Thompson, Thompson Magnetics, Inc.