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Deluxe Magnetic Push Brooms

Thompson Magnetics TMPB2 Series deluxe magnetic broom is ideal for picking up nails and steel debris. These heavy duty units, sometimes called roofing magnets, are great for roofers, machine shops, loading docks, assembly plants and anywhere you want to collect and remove steel. These units are hand built with all welded steel/stainless steel construction and lubed for life solid rubber tires. You won’t find a more powerful, durable, quality product on the market.

Deluxe Brooms Come in 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch models

Simply push the TMPB2 magnetic broom through the steel ridden area and watch as the steel is collected to the magnetic surface. Simply pull the release lever and drop the nails and steel debris into a storing container where you can later cash in on your steel remains at your local metal recycling plant.

Magnetic Push Broom Strength

Releasing Ferrous Debris

Releasing Mechanism

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