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Electromagnetic Stationary Magnet

Our Electro-Magnets are offered in both Self-cleaning or Manual Cleaning configurations. Electro-magnets are suspended overhead magnets, or Crossbelt Magnets, designed for removing ferrous steel and other magnetic materials from your burden during the crushing, screening and sorting processes.

A Heavy-Duty neoprene, or optional Armor Clad belt travels around the magnet and carries the ferrous material that is drawn upward, away and into collecting hoppers or onto the ground. These units are typically installed either in-line , (parallel with the conveyor belt, above the head pulley) or cross-belt (as in the photo). They are ideal for removing miscellaneous metallic debris from crushed and recycled material and are designed to provide long-term, trouble free operation. All units come with the required rectifier to power the magnet.

Application Data Sheet

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Separator Magnet Application Data Sheet