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Fork Pocket Suspended Magnet

If you have a loading dock, parking lot, trucking terminal, or a county road littered with steel debris causing flat tires, down time of service vehicles, and repair costs, then Thompson Magnetics has a solution. You can eliminate the problem by attaching a TMRS Series forktruck mounted magnetic sweeper to any forktruck and sweep the problem area on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Benefits of using TMRS Series Suspension Magnets:

Benefits of using TMRS Series Suspension Magnets:

  • Reduce flat tires
  • Save money spent on repairs
  • Reduce down time of service vehicles
  • Increase employee productivity (if they aren’t repairing flat tires, then they are working)
  • Remove unwanted steel debris from your service area

Our forktruck mounted industrial magnetic sweepers are easily mounted to any forktruck. We weld our forkpockets from ¼” solid steel and attach them to the magnetic bar with ½” threaded bolts. Standard size is 6” wide by 2” inches high fitting almost any fork leg at 30” center to center. Custom size forkpockets at customers request.

This type of tramp metal causes flat tires, equipment damage and possible personal injury.

The Quick Clean tray makes dumping the accumulated debris simple. Notice how the nails making contact to the magnet surface themselves become magnetized thus attracting more nails.

Simply raise the forks and flip down the tray over container. The box the magnet is delivered in makes an excellent receptacle.

High Power Magnetic Sweepers

Types of tramp metal recovered by Magnetic Sweepers

  • Spilled nails at construction sites which are still new and useable
  • Dropped or lost tools
  • Nuts, bolts and washers
  • Rebar, wire, angle iron

Any and all types of tramp metal found in parking lots, loading docks, terminals, etc.

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