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Magnetic Separation Pulleys / Magnetic Head Pulleys

Ceramic-8A or Rare Earth-Neodymium

Magnetic Separation Pulleys are installed as head pulleys in conveyor systems to improve product purity and to protect equipment from tramp metal damage. They provide continuous, effective removal of ferrous metal from the product flow.

This method of ferrous metal separation requires that the magnetic pulley be installed at the discharge end of the conveyor replacing the existing pulley. As the mixture of product and ferrous metal travels over the magnetic head pulley and reaches the drop-off point, product falls freely from the end of the line into storage bins or processing chutes. Any ferrous metal that is mixed in with the product is attracted and held to the face of the belt and carried to the underside of the pulley

When the portion of the belt to which the ferrous metal is being held clears the magnetic pulley, the ferrous metal is allowed to fall. By placing a collection bin or chute under the drop location, tramp material is automatically collected for disposal.

Pulley Specifications Sheet

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