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Magnetic Chute Separators

Magnetic chute separators are ideal for extracting ferrous tramp metal from high-volumes of dry product flowing vertically through a chute. Each unit utilizes two powerful permanent magnets, a drawer-in-housing assembly and a product flow diverter. The two magnets are mounted on opposite sides of the bottomless drawer assembly. The product flow diverter is mounted above and along the centerline of the drawer in a manner parallel to the two magnets.

As product flows down the chute, it is redirected by the product flow diverter toward the contact surfaces of the magnets on either side of the drawer. The magnetic reach of the tow magnets draws ferrous tramp metal from the product and holds it against the sides of the drawer. When cleaning is required, the drawer is unlocked and pulled out. As the drawer is pulled out, the tramp metal attracted to its sides clears the magnetic field and drops into a collection bin for easy disposal.

A favorite of the grain, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, food and resin industries, magnetic chute separators offer versatility and convenience. Transitions are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate easy connection to chutes. Should your application require a unique mating size, we can custom design a unit to meet your needs.

Chute Magnets available in Ceramic-8 or Rare Earth Magnet Material Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade or Industrial Grade

While versatility allows us to provide you with the magnetic chute separator best suited for your need, convenience ensures your satisfaction. Each unit utilizes gasketed doors secured in place with easy-to-use locking devices. These features help ensure residual dust control and a healthier work environment.