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“Yard Truck Specialists, Inc. a major yard truck dealership located near Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We provide our customers with yard trucks, truck supplies and parts. We purchase our magnetic sweepers from Thompson Magnetics, Inc. because of the product quality and performance. We switched magnet vendors in 1993 due to the lack of service and quality we were experiencing from our other supplier. We purchased a Thompson’s magnet to compare their product with our current vendor’s and there was no comparison. Their magnets were magnetically more powerful, much more durable, and for the same dollars, much more valuable. Our customers use these magnets on their yard trucks to eliminate flat tires and down time. They love the product and we never get any bad feedback or complaints about the performance and durability of the product. Thanks Thompson, we look forward to having you as our magnet vendor for many more years.

Chris Coller, Parts Manager, Yard Truck Specialists, Inc., Bensalem, PA.

“Northcutt Trailer provides the trucking industry with trailers, yard trucks, truck parts and accessories. We have been purchasing yard magnets from Thompson Magnetics since 1999. Their magnets are the best we have found on the market. Our customers save flat tires, and expensive down time using the TMRS Series magnetic sweepers. We receive friendly service, and a quality product from our friends at Thompson Magnetics, Inc. Keep up the good work guys.”

Steve Marlow, Northcutt  Trailer, Inc., Wichita, KS

“My name is Hugo and I operate a family owned pallet business located in New Jersey I contacted Thompson Magnetics concerning a nail problem we were having in the pallet storage yard. We decided to mount a 36” magnet from the counterweight of one of the forktrucks. This magnet worked so well, that we purchased another about a month later. These magnets have eliminated our nail problem, flat tire problem, and eliminated the time we were spending on repairing flat tires. We have saved many dollars and headaches by investing in these magnets.”

Hugo, D & H Pallets, Newark, NJ

“Grant Aggregate is a company based in Ontario Canada that supplies the aggregate, sand & gravel industry with processing equipment. We also specialize in providing solutions to our customers problems. All too often our customers complain about ferrous metals finding their way onto the conveyor process and ending up in a crusher or grinder and causing damage to the equipment. We have purchased several of Thompson Magnetics permanent stationary magnets to eliminate the damaging steel pieces, such as a bucket tooth, wrench, rebar or what have you. These magnets are mounted above the conveyor belt and pull up steel and iron debris before it reaches the processing equipment. These magnets save money on damaged parts and expensive down time of equipment.”

Shaun Morris, Grant Aggregate, Ontario Canada