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TMRS Tow Behind Sweepers

If you have a loading dock, parking lot, trucking terminal, or a county road littered with steel debris causing flat tires, down time of service vehicles, and repair costs, then Thompson Magnetics has a solution.

You can eliminate foreign object damage (FOD) by attaching a TMRS Series tow-behind magnetic sweeper to a forktruck, pickup truck, or any service vehicle and sweep the problem area on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Benefits of using TMRS Series Tow-Behind Magnets:

  • Reduce flat tires
  • Save money spent on repairs
  • Reduce down time of service vehicles
  • Increase employee productivity (if they aren’t repairing flat tires, then they are working)
  • Remove unwanted steel debris from your service area

All our TMRS Series Tow-Behinds come with a standard steel loop attachment, and are easily attached to any vehicle. Ball hitches are also available per customers request. Our popular, original TMRS Series Tow-Magnets have raised the industry standards for FOD safety with power and durability. Available in Standard TMRS1 and Super Strength TMRS2 magnetic sweeper configurations, these Tow-Magnets feature a thick inner steel structure to provide maximum durability and exclusive magnetic circuitry to provide the highest power attainable from this type of magnetic sweeper. Quality and attention to detail set our sweepers apart from other manufacturers.

Magnet clearance from ground is 3″ on all models. The Super Strength is 60% more powerful and is great for FOD control on uneven, rougher terrain. Heavy-Duty steel wheels with solid, grooved rubber tires and maintenance-free bearings are standard on all models, as are 48″ tow-bars with hitch loop. Smooth magnet surface makes debris removal easier. Our FOD sweepers also have a long-lasting, heavy-duty aluminum housing.

Optional Quick Clean Tray – Disconnect tow-bar from vehicle, rotate tow-bar 180 degrees (this will turn the magnet over), flip down the hinged tray and the collected debris falls at desired location.

Available in sizes from 3 ft. to 9 ft.